Friday, March 18, 2011

Blogs (and other such nonsense)

The world has transformed into a morass of blogs, tweets, and social networking.

I'm not certain that this phenomenon is a bad thing, but I do harbor some concern that it indicates a growing cultural inability to sustain coherent thought for more than a couple hundred words at a time... Is this the onset of LADD (Literary Attention Deficit Disorder)?

So, risking the possibility I may fall victim to LADD, I sit down to compose a blog post in the tried and true hunt-and-peck style. I pause to ponder, and come to the conclusion that whatever I write certainly will be lost among these billions upon billions of words that don't really exist, but appear as if by magic through the technology of the Internet. Perhaps I should be grateful of that, for I also realize I have little talent at stringing together these short streams of wit. Each time I've made an earnest effort at writing a few words of merit to post in a blog, the attempt seems to end as either a failure or a dismal failure.

Ah well, c'est la vie...

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  1. There's a venn diagram that's done the rounds that I think captures the vapid/shallow end of the blogosphere perfectly...on the other hand, there are blogs coming out of China, Iran and places less free which use their words wisely and to great effect. I think the survival of words on t'internet is a matter of having something to say, the guts to say it, and an ear for the echoes coming back from the world.

    Alternately one could become famous then start a blog, like Neil Gaiman.


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