Saturday, January 29, 2011

Embedded Music

Thought I'd embed a few music videos here. I'm not certain if they'll become a permanent fixture here, but for now... enjoy the music! (Click on the "Music" tab above.)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tHP Anthology -- Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts regarding the theme/title of a tHP anthology:

"Paying the Boatman" -- On the surface, this topic of "death and dying" appears rather depressing and negative. However, one might consider that this general theme can (and probably should) include such things as:
(1) brushes with death, where the inevitable is - at least temporarily - avoided,
(2) the celebration of life following an individual's passing - the recognition of their life and contributions,
(3) the afterlife and the nearly universal concept of an eternal, undying spirit

"The Soulmate Syndrome" -- "Love, romance, and devotion" may not strike everyone as a theme powerful enough to bind together an anthology, but for those who may doubt it, I challenge you to name a human emotion that has had or can have a more profound impact on literature. The search for a perfect love is a driving force not only in stories, but in everyday life.

"Scorched Earth" -- From wooden clubs and stone axes to plasma rifles and anti-matter cannons, mankind's near-constant involvement in "conflict and combat" is almost as much a part of man's nature as his search for perfect love. I have both abhorrence and resolute faith in man's continued inventiveness and cruelty when the object is to find more expedient methods of eliminating his enemy. I see no likelihood that war will "go away" in the future - as our world "shrinks", the potential for conflicting cultures to come to blows seems only more of a certainty.

"Premonitions" - This theme is rather wide-open, allowing a limitless exploration of the imagination through "tales of future utopias, dystopias, & apocalypse" (okay, so the word "future" is a bit redundant when speaking of premonitions, but I can't edit the poll once a vote has been cast). Although best suited for tales of science fiction or speculative fiction, this theme might also be stretched to include a few looks "backward or sideways" into the steampunk or alternate history genres.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The road up ahead...

Since Project#1 (that "one-time only" lark ten years ago that eventually grew into the Herscher Project), and in spite of a membership that waxes and wanes, I have been amazed at the enthusiasm, ingenuity, and creative drive of the group's members. I am fascinated by the quality and range of talent in tHP, and by the refreshing perspectives that our members have shown in their artistic and written works.

However, the questions, now, may be: "Where do we go from here?" or "Is it time for the group to evolve into something more?" or even "Is the Herscher Project an endangered species?"

I sometimes ponder these things, and I find myself wondering if the group, as it currently exists, is still catering to the needs of a younger, less-skilled demographic or if our members are clinging to tHP for the sake of nostalgia alone.

Should we expand our vision, or should we narrow our focus?

Do we need to pull together and commit to creating a marketable anthology, or do we splinter and go our separate ways with our writing and artwork?

Certainly, the talent exists to travel either of those roads... but it isn't only talent that will determine the destiny of the Herscher Project or its members. There exists within our group an intangible, yet easily discerned bond that has grown over these years, and I believe that essence will help guide us in the future. As always, I remain not as a leader, but as the one out in front being pushed in whatever directions that the Herscher Project members desire and demand -- and I'm enjoying the ride!

James K Bowers
Founder of the Herscher Project

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