Monday, February 28, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Comfort Zone

As writers, what role does having a comfort zone play in our productivity?

For that matter, which aspect of comfort affects our work the most?

Does comfort zone mean having a comfortable (or creatively stimulating) environment? Is it a place -- not simply a place, but the place? Does it mean getting into the writing mood by wearing that favorite "writing sweater" (is it of the old and threadbare variety or is it a newer, warm and snugly one)? Does comfort zone hinge on delving into yet another piece of writing safely within the confines of our usual genre?

But, perhaps more importantly, can comfort zone be accurately defined as the literary opposite of writer's block?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When the Hero Comes Home

Chris A Jackson has a short story scheduled for publication in a 2011 anthology release from DragonMoon Press!

ISBN-13: 978-1-897492-25-3
Release Date: August, 2011
Publisher: Dragon Moon Press
Format: Trade Paperback, E-book
Distributor: Ingram

The anthology features new fiction by Jay Lake, Todd McCaffrey, Julie Kagawa, and an all-new Jig the Goblin story by Jim C. Hines.

Release at GenCon!

Info at

Consulting the map and compass

Worthy of a little discussion!

In a very recent comment here, Angela pondered: "...what's the goal of tHP? What ties us together and makes others want to join us? I have my opinion, but I'm curious how other people view the group."

To answer briefly, tHP was created to support the idea that, first and foremost, creativity is (and should be) FUN. However, the mechanics of the "creative fun theory" is rather more complicated, and becomes increasingly more complex with the arrival and acceptance of each new member into tHP.

As it continues to evolve, the face of tHP becomes something just a little different from each of its previous countenances. Stripping away all the various costumes and masks, what I feel remains is the bare, innate need of its members to create...

As tHP's founder, I, too, am intensely curious about the views of others, so please do try to answer Angela's question. Knowing the needs and wants of tHP's members is 90% of sculpting tHP into an environment that reflects those needs and wants.

-- Jim

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