Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We haven't settled on a title for the anthology we are developing here at the Herscher Project, but Premonitions will certainly do for a working title. The anthology will feature stories and poems of mankind's future: dark dystopia... environmental bankruptcy... impending apocalypse... doom, gloom, and disaster... with a few scattered candles of flickering hope.

We've selected some "classics" from the Herscher Project's vault, sprinkled in some new material, and have opened the doors and given a shout out to our members for more new material. To reach our target for the anthology's length, though, we will be inviting some carefully-chosen non-tHP-members to join us!

A few selections that have been decided on are:

"Remnant" by Chris Heisserer,
"A Morning with Toireasa Cass" by Miriam Plachta,
"The Sacred World" by Louise Hughes,
"LifeCycle" by Jess Hyslop,
"Cloud of Witnesses" by Peter Blair,
"I Walk..." by Matthew Summers,
"Prometheus Rebound" by Steve Doyle,
"Fields of Blood" by Deb Smith,
"Domicile 4.5" by Matthew Williams,
"Up From Below" by Jamie A Hughes,
"In The Light" by Neil Foster,
"Aftermath" by Jim Bowers,
"Wave Goodbye" by Chris A Jackson, and
"One Day We Shall Be Gone" by Saana Tykkä

For authors interested in joining in on this adventure, a January 1, 2012 deadline for submissions has been set. Questions may be addressed to herscherproject[at]gmail[dot]com.


  1. I like to think that each of the stories, at least those we have so far, has a ray of hope or some good take home bit of heart-warming prose, and that is going to be the key to this thing's success. Too much downside can ruin it. Let's get some more "ray of hope" contributions from everyone, and make this thing shine!

  2. How was this to be published? Will it be strictly electronic format? Print on demand? Looking for a publisher? Self publish?

  3. Will keep this in mind, thanks! Nothing on my shelf that quite fits the theme, but never know come (the end of the world in) 2012!!!

  4. This is a great idea. Just what people want and need. We can all associate with the doom, so the topics will have relevance, but to find a ray of hope within the stories and poems will enrich us all.
    What a great concept. I wish you much success.

  5. @ Chris - I still have a great deal of hope and confidence in this anthology. Looking forward to all of it coming together over the next few months!

    @ Elizabeth - We're REALLY looking for a traditional path to publication, however, we'd be shooting ourselves in our collective foot if we completely reled out ebook, POD, or (Heaven forbid) self-pub options.

    @ Lyn - I enjoyed working with you in getting your Residential Aliens anthology off the ground. I hope something leaps up and inspires you - it would be a nice "trade".

    @ Wendy - Thanks! We're also looking for votes of confidence, and your comment certainly qualifies as that!


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