Saturday, October 1, 2011

Project 60 announced at tHP (only a little bit late)

The Herscher Project – Edition 60
So this elf walks into a bar...
An exercise in humor, satire, and parody

Deadline: August 31st, 2011

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is the correct deadline for Project #60.
However, since I'm waaaaaay off schedule, treat this as your own private invitation to ignore a deadline!

So.... this elf walks into a bar with his two brothers and they all order wine, much to the amusement of the assorted mead and beer swilling ruffians that fill the tavern from front door to hearth fire. Not to be outdone by the rowdy dwarfs at the next table, they begin telling bawdy tales, posing riddles, and belting out lively elven drinking ballads. When finished with the first round of wine, the eldest elf loudly exclaims, “Barkeep! I'll have one of those new Dead Dwarf Floats everyone is raving about!” The puzzled dwarfs trade blank stares amongst themselves, scratch their heads, tug at their beards, shrug, and finally urge one of their group to ask, “Well, now, Mr. High-pockets, just how do you make a Dead Dwarf Float?”

Without skipping a beat, the elf replies, “It's quite simple really... you just lift your boot off his head and let him bob to the surface.”

So, get to it, Herscher Project! Tickle our funny bones!
Here is your opportunity to get serious about not being serious! A chance to explore this phenomenon through your artwork or writing. In Project #60 we ask you to test your creativity in any genre with humor, satire, parody, and other sorts of mirth and silliness. Share with us some original hilarity in the form of poems, short stories, photographs, drawings, or other artwork. If you can’t write, then draw. If you can’t draw, then write. If you are uninspired, then please take time to offer your comments and constructive criticisms of the work of others (when you're finished laughing uncontrollably).

Remember to have FUN with Project #60
(because that's what it's about)!

As always, the theme and spirit of this edition must be apparent in your story, poem, or artwork, regardless of your chosen genre or medium. Remember to assign an original title to your zaniest work and email it to

Jim, Sabrina, & Jamie

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  1. Hey, this wasn't uploaded to the Yahoo Group! :-)


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