Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tHP Anthology -- Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts regarding the theme/title of a tHP anthology:

"Paying the Boatman" -- On the surface, this topic of "death and dying" appears rather depressing and negative. However, one might consider that this general theme can (and probably should) include such things as:
(1) brushes with death, where the inevitable is - at least temporarily - avoided,
(2) the celebration of life following an individual's passing - the recognition of their life and contributions,
(3) the afterlife and the nearly universal concept of an eternal, undying spirit

"The Soulmate Syndrome" -- "Love, romance, and devotion" may not strike everyone as a theme powerful enough to bind together an anthology, but for those who may doubt it, I challenge you to name a human emotion that has had or can have a more profound impact on literature. The search for a perfect love is a driving force not only in stories, but in everyday life.

"Scorched Earth" -- From wooden clubs and stone axes to plasma rifles and anti-matter cannons, mankind's near-constant involvement in "conflict and combat" is almost as much a part of man's nature as his search for perfect love. I have both abhorrence and resolute faith in man's continued inventiveness and cruelty when the object is to find more expedient methods of eliminating his enemy. I see no likelihood that war will "go away" in the future - as our world "shrinks", the potential for conflicting cultures to come to blows seems only more of a certainty.

"Premonitions" - This theme is rather wide-open, allowing a limitless exploration of the imagination through "tales of future utopias, dystopias, & apocalypse" (okay, so the word "future" is a bit redundant when speaking of premonitions, but I can't edit the poll once a vote has been cast). Although best suited for tales of science fiction or speculative fiction, this theme might also be stretched to include a few looks "backward or sideways" into the steampunk or alternate history genres.

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