Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Comfort Zone

As writers, what role does having a comfort zone play in our productivity?

For that matter, which aspect of comfort affects our work the most?

Does comfort zone mean having a comfortable (or creatively stimulating) environment? Is it a place -- not simply a place, but the place? Does it mean getting into the writing mood by wearing that favorite "writing sweater" (is it of the old and threadbare variety or is it a newer, warm and snugly one)? Does comfort zone hinge on delving into yet another piece of writing safely within the confines of our usual genre?

But, perhaps more importantly, can comfort zone be accurately defined as the literary opposite of writer's block?


  1. For me, I do better in different places depending on the task. Idea gathering is best done in a crowd. Deep writing takes classical music in an otherwise quiet place. I like having a drink nearby at all times and to be in comfortable clothing. If my body is not content, my mind can't work properly

  2. Great page, Jim. Love it!

    ~Shane Moore

  3. I tend to think of a "comfort zone" as being an area in which a writer is comfortable, say a particular genre, or a character set--for example are all your stories romances? Is your protagonist always male? I think it's good to sometimes leave this "comfort zone" and stretch the limits of your writing, delve into new dimensions.

  4. I don't have a comfort zone as far as the place I do my writing. Maybe this is the problem. My ideal place to write would be cozy, and comfy, with candles and quiet. I need to create such a place, I think, so I can be productive.

    I don't have a particular genre for my stories. I don't think a lot of them would fit into any one genre. So I wouldn't consider that a comfort zone. Maybe I should find one?

  5. My comfort zone depends on what I'm writing. I prefer early AM and late PM rather than the "busy" times of the day, but this limits productivity. Being too comfortable just puts me to sleep, so I sit upright, at my "work station", drink coffee, and sometimes Irish coffee, and get lost... no external inputs is best, which is difficult on a boat.


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