Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Premonitions - Closing the Doors

After pausing an entire month beyond the window for submissions (while wondering if my suspicions were correct), I'm now forced to admit that the climate isn't getting any warmer on the anthology front.

Due to a tremendous lack of interest -- both within tHP and outside our walls -- it appears that the planned Premonitions anthology will also be going the way of Paying the Boatman.

It saddens me to consider the apathy that surrounded this anthology, and I can only hope that... someday... eventually... we will get it right with one of our efforts to publish an anthology that features the writings of tHP's members.


  1. It's a real shame the anthologies aren't getting the attention they should. Then again I have not made a single contribution to the project. All my writing these days is limited to my childrens books project...

  2. Seriously? Last I heard people were scrambling to get in and you had a sheaf of old submissions and other authors lined up ready...ah well. Bear in mind that if you extend deadlines without announcing that/drumming up excitement, people will think you don't care either, and not risk their own time and energy on something that looks dead. [toes Hersher Project]

    1. Sadly 40,000 words will not exactly "fill" a book (anthology or otherwise). I think the next thing for tHP to do is get back to what we've done best... which means I need to get back to work and put out a long-awaited NEW project announcement... This latest edition at tHP has been on hold since the anthology work began, and it's high time that the group started having some fun again.


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