Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project 62 announced at tHP

In Black & White
What hath Harris Burdick wrought?

Deadline: April 30th, 2012


Wikipedia states: The Mysteries of Harris Burdick is a 1984 picture book by the American author Chris Van Allsburg consisting of a series of unrelated, highly detailed images in the author's distinctive style. Each image is accompanied by a title and a single line of text, which compel readers to create their own stories.
A fictional editor's note tells of an encounter with an author and illustrator named Harris Burdick, who provided the images and captions as samples, each from a different picture book he had written. He left with a promise to deliver the complete manuscripts if the editor chose to buy the books. Burdick was never seen again, and the samples are all that remain of his supposed books. Readers are challenged to imagine their own stories based on the images in the book.”

In Project#62 we ask you to create stories, poems, or artwork based on those Harris Burdick images and captions. Share with us the dreams inspired by any of those fourteen Harris Burdick illustrations. If you can’t write, then draw. If you can’t draw, then write. If you are uninspired, then please take time to offer your comments and constructive criticisms of the work of others.

Have FUN with Project 62.
Bring the black & white to life

As always, the theme and spirit of this edition must be apparent in your story, poem, or artwork, regardless of your chosen genre or medium. Email your In Black & White piece to

Jim, Sabrina, Jamie, & Marijke

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