Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Quotable American Civil War

The Quotable American Civil WarThe Quotable American Civil War by Iain C. Martin

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Iain C. Martin's The Quotable American Civil War is an excellent overview of the American Civil War, passed down to us through the words of those who lived it. The variety of attributed sources serves as both a "Who's Who" of the era and a remembrance of those whose names are no longer part of our collective memory. This book of quotations is a treasure trove of emotionally charged utterances -- from battle weary Union and Confederate infantrymen, storied generals, statesmen and scholars, and the Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis -- all grouped into chapters to enhance the reader's understanding of the war of brother vs. brother that tested the resiliency and resolve of all Americans.

The Civil War proved to be America's crucible, forging the nation's character. This compilation of compelling thoughts, deep wisdom, and occasional humorous quips does honor to those men and women whose actions and beliefs were the catalysts for great social and political change.

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