Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel

Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time TravelSelected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel by David Goodberg

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For our reading enjoyment--and contemplation--author David Goodberg presents three dozen short tales from the age following the Worlds War of 2267. Time travel has become commercially available and, as with most technologies, mankind has found various methods of exploitation, misuse, and ....... well, if there's a loophole in the rules, you can just bet that someone will find it and stretch it to the breaking point. With temporal paradox as that loophole, be ready for some serious reality evasion.

Some of the stories in this collection seem to be intended as lessons in future history that we should study so that we of our own era might use this knowledge to avoid falling into the pitfalls before us. Other selections from this time travel grab bag take serious jabs at the failings and flaws of society, highlighting those individual imperfections that make us human.

"Selected Shorts and Other Methods of Time Travel" stands as an entertaining diversion with subtle streams of deeper thought, and the illustrations throughout by Antonio Deleo spark just the right amount of curiosity about each new story by David Goodberg.

[Note: I received this book at no cost through Goodreads First Reads.]

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